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Art of Flying

Valentine: An Aviation Poem

by Martin Kaduc FEBRUARY 14, 2020

In honor of Valentine's Day, here's a tale about love being in the air.

Travel Tech

ATPCO Builds Retailing Dev Services Center In Eastern Europe

by David Kaplan FEBRUARY 13, 2020

New Bulgarian location joins ATPCO’s London outpost comes two years after Routehappy acquisition.

Travel Tech

Czech Airlines Turns To ID90 Travel To Promote Employee Retention

by David Kaplan FEBRUARY 10, 2020

The Smartwings-owned airline’s 1,000-person workforce will be able to make their own travel bookings more seamlessly.

Travel Tech

What ARC’s Stake In nuTravel Says About Airlines’ Retailing Tech Needs

by David Kaplan FEBRUARY 6, 2020

ARC CEO Mike Premo on the company's evolving investment strategy.

Travel Tech

Air Cargo Load Factor Metrics Can Be Misleading 

by Joseph Vito DeLuca FEBRUARY 4, 2020

“We realized that air cargo load factors based on weight utilization now paint a misleading picture of how full flights really are.”

Travel Tech

Amadeus Acquires Optym's Sky Suite To Improve Airline Network Forecasting

by David Kaplan FEBRUARY 3, 2020

Former Sabre exec Renzo Vaccari is moving from Optym to run the new Amadeus Sky Suite group.

Mike Buccialia

Travel Tech

Former Adobe Travel Lead Buccialia Named Kambr's Chief Commercial Officer

by David Kaplan JANUARY 28, 2020

The hire reflects the airline tech startup’s momentum since its fall seed round.

Travel Tech

Why Airlines Need To Embrace 'Era of Complete Retailing’

by David Kaplan JANUARY 27, 2020

Travelers say they’re willing to share data in exchange for saving time and money.

Travel Tech

Demystifying AI for Airlines

by David Kaplan JANUARY 21, 2020

How should airlines measure AI’s effectiveness?

Art of Flying

Herb: An Aviation Poem

by Martin Kaduc JANUARY 18, 2020

An ode to Herb Kelleher — Southwest co-founder and aviation pioneer.

Travel Tech

What’s Next For ATPCO’s NDC Exchange?

by David Kaplan JANUARY 17, 2020

The marketplace for airlines and their retailing channel partners is prepping a significant expansion this year.

Carrier News

Delta And Parallel Reality: How Is It Going To Work?

by David Kaplan JANUARY 16, 2020

Think “utility” first for the personalized image messaging platform, says Experience The Skies’ Larry Leung.

Carrier News

Sponsored Post: World Aviation Festival Speakers Added

by World Aviation Festival JANUARY 14, 2020

"Over 6,000 attendees will join us in September 2020, to be inspired by our 600 speakers over 3 incredible days in London."

Travel Tech

The Good And Bad Of Airline Loyalty/Rewards Changes

by David Kaplan JANUARY 13, 2020

The age of dynamically priced mileage points is here to stay. But that's not all.

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