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Infographic: The Best Performing Airlines by Ancillary Revenue

by Joseph Vito DeLuca AUGUST 12, 2019

Ancillaries are an increasingly important part of commercial aviation revenue streams, but which airlines are doing it best?

Carrier News

Commercial Aviation Weekly: A380s, British Airways IT & Southwest's GDS Play

by Joseph Vito DeLuca AUGUST 9, 2019

This week we examine what to do with all of those out of service Airbus A380s, look at British Airways' IT problems and investigate Southwest's foray into global distribution systems.

Carrier News

Guest Post: JetBlue’s President And COO Gets Candid On Innovation, Brand Identity, Long-Haul, And Putting People First

by World Aviation Festival AUGUST 9, 2019

JetBlue President and COO Joanna Geraghty shares her views on innovation, technology, competition and route growth growth.

Airport Operators

Is CLEAR’s Airport Screening a Possible Key to Airline Customer Satisfaction?

by David Kaplan AUGUST 7, 2019

Following United Airlines’ partnership in the airport biometrics screening tech company, J.D. Power travel analyst Michael Taylor examines airlines' flier satisfaction pursuits.

Carrier News

U.S.Airlines Earnings in Q2: Load Factor Highs Hint At Worries To Come

by David Kaplan AUGUST 6, 2019

Here’s a deeper dive into the earnings reports from U.S. airlines the past few weeks.

Travel Tech

Žena: An Aviation Poem

by Martin Kaduc AUGUST 3, 2019

For some an industry event can be a complete bore, but for Martin he got much more than he could ever expect.

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