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Commercial Aviation Weekly: 737 MAX's Important Date, Biometrics & Brexit

by Joseph Vito DeLuca AUGUST 1, 2019

We'll be discussing Boeing's 737 Max, biometrics, Brexit, monopolies and landing an airplane, among other things. So let's get into it!

Carrier News

ULLC Jetlines Aims to Increase Competition & Decrease Air Fare in Canada

by Joseph Vito DeLuca JULY 31, 2019

The ULCC planned to launch by year’s end strives to challenge entrenched Canadian carriers by becoming the lowest cost carrier in the country. 

Carrier News

The Great Business Class Unbundling Is Coming

by David Kaplan JULY 29, 2019

Given Emirates’ continued unveiling of fare tiers tied to their business class amenities, could the larger airline unbundling revolution be poised to spread from economy to premium?

Travel Tech

Bucket: An Aviation Poem

by Martin Kaduc JULY 27, 2019

It's time we turn to revenue management with our verse. We chronicle how empty seats are filled and profits are maximized.

Carrier News

Commercial Aviation Weekly: Award Seats With Less Tax, HK Express Acquisition, Ancillary Revenue Performance

by Joseph Vito DeLuca JULY 26, 2019

In this edition, we're taking a look at British Airways attempt to reduce taxation on award seats, the HK Express-Cathay Pacific merger and IdeaWorks latest ancillary revenue report.

Travel Tech

Skyhook’s Geospatial Data Gives Airlines Insight Into Frequent Fliers’ Total Air Travel

by David Kaplan JULY 25, 2019

“Our unique capability is that we have figured out how to identify a mobile device on a particular flight,” says Skyhook’s David Bairstow.

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