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The Complexities of Air Cargo Revenue Management

by Joseph Vito DeLuca JULY 23, 2019

We discuss the ins and outs of air cargo revenue management and compare it to passenger RM with Karri Kauppi, Finnair’s Head of Cargo Revenue Management.

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Commercial Aviation Weekly: Delta Rewards, Personalized RM & Price Wars

by Joseph Vito DeLuca JULY 19, 2019

This week, we discuss articles related to Delta's new rewards and upgrades program, revenue management in the age of personalization and Lufthansa's clash with low-cost carriers.

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As Summer Travel Peak Approaches, Airline Travel Demand Remains Strong

by David Kaplan JULY 16, 2019

“The record summer travel that we are projecting is being driven by low fares, strong employment growth, record household income, real GDP growth, and corporate profits resulting in demand for premium travel.”

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Commercial Aviation Weekly: Loyalty Programs, Data & Next-Gen Aircraft

by Joseph Vito DeLuca JULY 12, 2019

This week, we look at a new way to think about customer loyalty programs, British Airways brush with GDPR and continue our discussion on new aircraft models.

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What Risks Do Airlines Face In The Shift Away From Mileage Award Charts?

by David Kaplan JULY 9, 2019

Mileage award charts are swiftly being phased out in favor of dynamic pricing.

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Swoop’s Greenway: Airlines Need To Be ‘Genuinely Proper Retailers’ 

by David Kaplan JULY 8, 2019

“I've always said that everyone here should imagine ourselves as a digital retailer first,” says Steven Greenway President of WestJet ULLC Swoop.

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