Welcome to the inaugural Kambrscape Spring 2019

The goal of the Kambrscape is to provide a coherent and categorized singe-page view of the leading tech vendors serving the commercial aviation sector.  

The need is clear. Over the past decade, the travel experience in general has continued to fragment as endless waves of new technology transform the way airline routes and services are planned, priced, booked, marketed, and, ultimately, analyzed.   

In creating and curating the Kambrscape, our intent is to balance comprehensiveness and the ability to grasp the shifting marketplace for commercial aviation technology.  

This first iteration features logos identifying 100 companies that provide some form of marketing and/or tech services to commercial airlines. Those entities are organized and cross-referenced across 19 distinct classifications so viewers can handily know who the players are and what exactly they specialize in.  

We’ve included everything from Advertising and Digital Marketing on to Passenger Service Systems to Fare & Pricing Systems to Scheduling Tools and more.  

Nearly 10 years after media-focused investment bank LUMA Partners introduced its first of 19 vertical-specific LUMASCAPEs to help agencies, publishers, brands, and financiers get an instant grasp of the farrago that is the ad tech industry, the Kambrscape hopes to make all parts of the aviation market as immediately accessible and visible than has previously been possible. 

Why is now the right time for the Kambrscape

In the recent past, there was no need to expend any effort to navigate who did what and for whom within global aviation. For the most part, the market was dominated by duopolies of government-sponsored carriers, while the technology front was represented by a handful of large PSS/global distribution system vendors. 

In the last few years, those spaces have become remarkably diversified by smaller players taking advantage of widely available data and relatively low-cost technology development. With the continued erosion of the barriers to entry, the creation of whole new granular levels of service is likely to expand, exponentially. 

The Kambrscape’s mission is to make sense of it all, and we invite our audience to comment and help as we continue to chart, clarify, and explain this period of dynamic change.