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PROS Rolls Out Integrated Retail Platform At World Aviation Festival

by David Kaplan SEPTEMBER 4, 2019

The AI company’s ‘Retail For Airlines” product promises ‘full control’ of personalized offers to passengers.

Travel Tech

Propeller Is Taking The Legacy Of Irish Travel Entrepreneurialism Global

by David Kaplan AUGUST 29, 2019

Thanks to the Ireland startup ecosystem, accelerator program Propeller Shannon is helping to grow travel tech and aerospace businesses from around the globe.

Travel Tech

Why PROS Acquired Travelaer

by David Kaplan AUGUST 27, 2019

PROS’ acquisition of Travelaer represents a significant step for the airline revenue management software company’s ambitions to strengthen its digital merchandising offerings.

Travel Tech

How Koddi Aims To Solve Travel Brands’ Booking Prediction Challenges  

by David Kaplan AUGUST 19, 2019

Ad-tech firm Koddi has been working on helping hotels better match their marketing and bookings to travlers searching for accommodation.

Travel Tech

How Airlines Should – And Shouldn’t – Market To Millennials

by David Kaplan AUGUST 14, 2019

The best strategies eschew avocado toast and instead set about redefining loyalty programs, says travel consultant (and Millennial) Aurelie Krau.

Travel Tech

Skyhook’s Geospatial Data Gives Airlines Insight Into Frequent Fliers’ Total Air Travel

by David Kaplan JULY 25, 2019

“Our unique capability is that we have figured out how to identify a mobile device on a particular flight,” says Skyhook’s David Bairstow.

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