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IBM’s Dee Waddell On Finding The Value Proposition In Emerging Technologies

by World Aviation Festival JULY 24, 2019

Dee Waddell, General Manager, Global Travel & Transportation Industry at IBM is one of the 400 speakers at the World Aviation Festival this September.

Travel Tech

The Golden Age Of The Traveler

by Chris Anthony JULY 22, 2019

Technology has revolutionized the way we travel and will continue to do so.

Travel Tech

How Can Airlines Improve Employee Retention? Make The Perks Count

by David Kaplan JULY 16, 2019

Airlines might not be able to compete for staffers as aggressively Google, Facebook, and aviation tech startups that are emerging, but flight privileges can help.

Travel Tech

What Boeing – And Airlines – Need To Do Now To Regain Fliers’ Trust

by David Kaplan JULY 10, 2019

“The saying, ‘If it's not Boeing, I'm not going,’ is now considered almost dirty. It's a bad name. That really surprised me,” says Atmosphere Research Group’s Henry Harteveldt.

Travel Tech

Are Legacy Systems the Cause of Airlines' Demand Forecasting Struggles?

by Joseph Vito DeLuca JULY 2, 2019

As airlines strive for more accurate demand forecasting, they find themselves confronted by the very technology implemented to improve revenue management. 

Travel Tech

FLYR Raises $10 Million To Expand Dynamic Pricing Platform For Airlines

by David Kaplan JUNE 24, 2019

“We can give airlines some cushion to defend against tougher times and increase their ability to cope with changing conditions— something machine learning is perfectly suited for."

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