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Transavia Brings Its Low-Cost Focus to Startups with Launch of Its Ventures Arm

by Joseph Vito DeLuca JUNE 19, 2019

Transavia believes that, just like flying, entrepreneurship should be for everyone. The low-cost carrier recently launched Transavia Ventures as a means to drive innovation.

Travel Tech

How Air Black Box Aims To Answer Airlines’ Demand For ‘Smarter’ Retailing

by David Kaplan JUNE 17, 2019

An airline can essentially create a new ancillary on Monday, decide how to price it and bundle it on Tuesday and, in practical terms, have it online and selling by the weekend.

Travel Tech

Have We Reached Peak Airline Complexity?

by David Kaplan JUNE 13, 2019

It’s only going to get worse, says Cranky Flier’s Brett Snyder, who says aviation tech advancements have only made the human touch more necessary.

Travel Tech

How Much Do Airlines Benefit from New Distribution Capability?

by Joseph Vito DeLuca JUNE 7, 2019

One of the hot catchphrases in the airline industry is new distribution capability (NDC), but does it truly hold the key to optimizing ancillaries and enhancing the retail experience? 

Travel Tech

A Question for the Airline Industry: Is Data the New Oil?

by Joseph Vito DeLuca MAY 21, 2019

 No single business is impacted more directly by oil than airlines. But the ability to gather and use data may ultimately be as much of a determinant on the aviation industry’s economic health.

Travel Tech

Is There A Looming Airline Pilot Shortage?

by David Kaplan MAY 21, 2019

While there’s disagreement about the state of pilot levels, the demand for more aircraft to meet growing numbers of global travelers will change the nature and speed of training.

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